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The client offers a conversational platform for commercial services empowering financial and banking institutions to increase online conversions, deliver better customer experience and build successful business relationships. We assisted them by providing consulting services with regards to how to perfect their existing Salesforce integration and introduce improvements to their existing processes. The proposed solution was tailored exclusively to the needs of the company and included a completely new design of their accounting processes, using full automation achieved through Salesforce process builders and custom objects.
The client's business processes suffered from a lack of structure and optimization which resulted in overheads and a considerable amount of manual work in their daily operations. This had led to consistent underperformance and disorganization of various procedures such as billing and invoicing. Our team was tasked with analysing the company’s business processes and identifying particular areas of improvement and optimization. After gaining the necessary insight into the client’s business and proposing drastic optimization approaches, the team was asked to also continue with their implementation. Additional effort and expertise were required from the team as all proposed solutions had to be delivered within the limitations of the Salesforce Professional edition.
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The team started by conducting a thorough analysis of the tools and practises used by the client in their business processes. One of the major problems we identified was that multi-year contracts had invoicing iterations for every single year, resulting in complexity and the need for manual adjustments. We introduced the ability to invoice multi-year contracts at once and removed the manual process of populating custom fields for receiving the correct amount and period of invoice.

Another issue was the duplicate invoicing in various tools, such as Zoho and Microsoft Navision, to facilitate different process needs. The cross-platform duplication of data increased the volume of manual work and sources of reference, as well as potential conflicts and deviations. The team eliminated the Zoho invoicing so that no data duplication would occur.

In addition, we introduced a new custom object that manages the invoicing process and stores related information with all the necessary details so that the data matches across all reference points. Due to the agile object structure and relationship that were achieved, the invoices can be tracked at any stage, such as opportunity or account. This enables flexible tracking and reporting, allowing operators to get a clear and well-structured overview of all related entities with quick access to relevant data. We also added an option for managed visibility and another object that allows the client to store and highlight important files in Salesforce.

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Achieved a more efficient invoicing process
Enabled a clear and well-structured overview of all related entities with quick access to relevant data
Improved scalability, visibility and reporting at all levels of the business
Enhanced internal teams’ performance
Added the option to highlight important files in Salesforce

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1.5 months

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Salesforce Administration
Salesforce Automation Tools
Sales Cloud
Apex Triggers


2 Salesforce Admins/Consultants
1 Project Manager
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