Master Data Management Solution
Reltio is an award-winning SaaS company based in Silicon Valley that aims to provide the mission-critical data foundation that businesses need to win in the experience economy. One of its products is an agile, scalable, and smart Master Data Management (MDM) SaaS platform built on a cloud-native, big data architecture with graph technology and machine learning, called Reltio Cloud. We helped the client to develop a solution that ties the client’s system together with Salesforce applications giving users quick and ready access to unified information across platforms.
The client’s existing solution was very difficult to configure and thus, required a vast Salesforce and Reltio expertise, which was not accessible in-house. It was also built as an unmanaged package, which made the upgrade and maintenance very difficult and resulted in a lack of IP (intellectual property) protection.
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We helped the client to develop a solution built on the Lightning Components framework that would enable users to unify information across Reltio and Salesforce platforms. We created the integration through Bi-directional Synchronization and Search Before Create (SBC) functionalities. The provided solution enables a near real-time synchronization of records between the two systems. The synchronization of the data is powered by a configurable mapping that can determine how data from the two systems to be transferred and organized. The SBC functionality allows users to search for records based on configurable criteria across all connected systems. We also provided an integrated managed package that encompasses all of the existing Reltio Salesforce integration capabilities. The solution fully supports the Lightning Experience, Lightning Consoles, and Salesforce Classic. It provides an easy to operate and intuitive way to manage all aspects of the application that are under the Salesforce domain and offers an out-of-the-box configuration that satisfies the most common Salesforce and Reltio data models and enables faster customer go-to-live service.
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Better marketing and increased sales following an AppExchange listing
Faster configuration
Increased customer satisfaction
Ability to preview the Reltio Sync mappings in Salesforce
Ability to dynamically create triggers and see reports and statistics regarding the sync
Expanded support for sObjects to almost any Standard Object and all Custom Objects

Quick Facts


7 months

Technology Stack

Sales Cloud
Sales Console
Apex Triggers
Lightning Components
Salesforce REST API
Reltio Platform and API


1 Project Owner
1 Scrum Master
6 Salesforce Developers
1 Reltio Platform Developer
2 QA


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I have been working with Apt Systems for multiple years now and I am convinced they are experts (and not just order takers) in Salesforce. They have helped us in creating multiple applications that we have launched and monetized on the App-exchange successfully. The team is extremely knowledgeable and well equipped to handle all areas of the project end to end - they are our trusted and always goto partners for all of our development activities.
Fahad Khan
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