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The client is a blockchain startup set to enable borderless crypto finance. It provides a decentralized marketplace for tokenized alternative investments backed by secure custody of crypto assets. The company combines the privacy and security of a leading banking centre with the accessibility and diversity of an open blockchain-based network. They wanted to use Salesforce within their organization so they purchased Salesforce and Pardot licenses from Salesforce. The client found in us a reliable consulting partner to work with them and help them integrate the solution within their organization.
The Salesforce integration had to be completed within a very tight deadline due to the opening event that the client had already announced prior to commencing work on the integration with the Salesforce platform. In addition, Salesforce had to be integrated with their backend application, which was still in the process of implementation. This called for close cooperation with the team developing the backend application so that we could stay in the loop with regards to shifts and changes in the planned backend development. With the backend system not yet implemented and the opening event quickly approaching, we had to configure Pardot to collect new prospect data through their legacy website without changing any of the existing contact and Whitepaper signup forms. The customer also required a number of complex business reports and all had to be achieved on time whilst keeping the system compliant with Fintech regulations.
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We started with an in-depth analysis of the business of the client so we could generate ideas and make suggestions on how the Salesforce platform could be used to solve their problems in a better way. The team set up Pardot form handlers to facilitate collecting new leads by using the client’s legacy website without modifying any of the existing web forms. This also allowed the implementation of double opt-in for obtaining marketing communication in compliance with GDPR’s best practices. Leveraging the Salesforce-Pardot connector, we helped with the planning and execution of successful email marketing campaigns through Pardot after importing legacy lead data into Salesforce. We configured a single sign-on and integrated Salesforce Inbox in combination with Salesforce Einstein. In addition, the team added DKIM and SPF Email authentication for outgoing email communication, to achieve the best deliverability with Pardot. Furthermore, we configured the client’s DocuSign settings - Salesforce user mapping and envelope templates with dynamic merge fields - to implement contract management. Salesforce triggers were then implemented to tightly integrate the business process with events originating from users signing their DocuSign submitted contracts. The team also designed the data model for KYC, AML and PEP check API requests, so that they work regardless of where they were initiated - the backend system or Salesforce. Last but not least, we helped with training SV's end customers to achieve smooth user adoption.
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Helped the client to achieve quickly their goals and automate a significant portion of their business processes
Helped to aggregate prospects data from multiple sources in a short amount of time
Ensured compliance with FinTech regulations in terms of KYC, AML, PEP and Sanctions screening, by implementing multiple integrations with third-party external systems
Facilitated client lifecycle, sales funnel management, opportunity qualifications, deal management and approvals

Quick Facts


2 months

Technology Stack

Salesforce Sales Cloud
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Salesforce-Pardot Connector
Salesforce-DocuSign Connector
Lightning Components
Salesforce REST APIs
Atlassian JIRA
RDC (Regulatory DataCorp) | Advanced KYC/AML Customer Screening


1 Project Manager
1 Senior Salesforce Consultant
1 Salesforce Administrator
1 Team Lead
1 Developer
1 QA
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