Bridger Insight Integration
Bridger Insight is a leading compliance platform that enables organizations to consolidate compliance processes, standardize controls and bring enterprise-wide operational consistency. The platform had no standard integration with Salesforce which made it difficult to use for Salesforce customers. As a solution, we developed a managed package that will integrate Bridger Insight with Salesforce and provide streamlined processes, enhanced reporting and ease of use to Salesforce customers.
The platform lacked a standard integration with Salesforce which made using the solution inconvenient and inefficient for Salesforce customers. Users were required to go out of Salesforce to perform compliance checks and results needed to be manually entered in and synchronized between the two platforms. Thus, the likelihood of errors was high due to the process of copying and pasting data from and to Salesforce account records and the Bridger Insight portal. The process was also time-consuming and unintuitive, which drove some customers away from the service.
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We developed a managed solution package built on the Lightning Components framework that integrates Bridger Insight with Salesforce. The provided solution enables a near real-time synchronization of records allowing users to access identity verification, screening, due diligence, and fraud prevention services through a single point of entry for consistent user experience. The synchronization of the data is powered by a configurable mapping that can determine how data from the Bridger Insight system can be transferred and organized. The solution fully supports the Lightning Experience, Lightning Consoles, and Salesforce Classic.
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Streamlined processes and enhanced reporting
Faster configuration
Ability to preview the synchronization mappings in Salesforce
Ease and convenience from viewing results in a systematic and organized way
Customer experience enhancement

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3 months

Technology Stack

Sales Cloud
Batch Apex
Schedulable Apex
Automation Tools
Lightning Components
Salesforce SOAP API
LexisNexis Bridger Insight API


2 Salesforce Developers
1 QA
1 PM
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