Enhancement of an existing product
We partnered with a company offering complex Salesforce solutions that administer a variety of financial operations in order to facilitate a series of loans as a liaison tool among different financial institutions or individuals. Their FUNDINGO solution offers a 360-degree view of all customers, loans, and investors and all the tools they need to close more deals faster and grow their business. We helped the client improve their product making it more robust, scalable, and maintainable and resolved issues preventing the product from accommodating the operational business needs.
The internal business logic of their product was highly complicated thus, potential risks were encountered with large amounts of data, making the product susceptible to disruptions. This also caused functional limitations and often resulted in adverse user experience. Another challenge was to make the computationally intensive financial calculations engine compliant with the Salesforce's governor limits.
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Our team performed continuous maintenance and optimization of the complex code of the product to make it more robust and maintainable making the solution more scalable in order to satisfy the requirements of clients working with large amounts of data. We also provided assistance in making architectural decisions and actively participated in the development of the architecture. In addition, we optimized and re-worked some of the internal logic of the product so that it is able to work within the constraints of the Salesforce's governor limits. The team also built cutting-edge new features to make the product more versatile and enhance the user experience. Furthermore, we provided support and custom development services to end customers who actively made use of the application.
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A better and more robust solution
Greater scalability and maintainability of the product
Improved user experience and increased customer satisfaction
Helped the client to increase their customer base

Quick Facts


8 months

Technology Stack

Sales Cloud
Automation Tools
Lightning Components
Reports & Dashboards
Apex Triggers
Batch Apex
Schedulable Apex
Third-party APIs


3 Salesforce Developers
1 QA
Project Manager/Scrum Master
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